Sunday, March 7, 2010

Go Wesley!!

We are back from a safe & amazing trip to Atlanta!! Can I just say that Atlanta is HUGE & the traffic is out of control!! We ended up finding our way to the field & our hotel.. We left @ 3:30am Saturday morning & arrived @ 1:30 to watch the first of a double header. What Wes didn't know is that Hannah was coming with us... we planned the trip earlier in the week. We told Wes the whole time that Hannah had to work, he was a bit dissapointed. It was soo sweet to see his face when he saw her walk around the bleachers!! We pulled it off without a problem, which is great for me because I hate surprises!! Wes started the second game & had a good first outing.. he ended up only pitching three innings because he got a line drive to the calf that swelled up very quickly. The trainer made him sit out & ice it.. we're going to watch him again in a few weeks in TN. The drive to & there was so much fun.. we did a lot of sleeping, watching movies, reading, & EATING!! On the way there it wasn't so much eating but on the way home it was out of control!! I've put a picture of the receipt, & yes it totaled $24 @ a gas station - haha my stomach is a little upset!! We had an amazing weekend & loved spening quality time with Wes!! We're so proud of you, keep up the great work!!

To explain a couple of the pictures... I already mentioned the one about the gas station receipt. There was a statue panther in front of the bleachers, we kept trying to get Hannah to go sit on it, she finally gave in... We ate @ Outback after their double headers, the guy in the picture with Wes is his roomate Dave. (such a great guy & friend to Wes) To add to our food consumption we stopped by Burger King on the way home.. Hannah got a crown in her kids meal, apparently she doesn't know that I'm the Princess!! It was a beautiful day but got a little chilly when the sun went down.. Hannah was putting on dads sweatshirt under her jacket. Dad was trying to pull the sleeves out from underneath the jacket so she would look "cool" he said..

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Laurie said...

I'm so glad that y'all were able to go see Wes! Sounds like a great time was had by all! How exciting that you were able to surprise him too! Have a great week!