Monday, March 1, 2010

Ben's OB experience

So today was the day Ben had his OB clinical.. if you read in the last post I asked you to pray for him as this was going to be a walk down memory lane. I am so happy to say that he had a wonderful experience!! He actually shadowed the nurse that we had upon checking into the hospital with Weslee. The other two nurses that helped take care of me were working as well!! God was so evident today, Ben had such a peace!! Before he left the nurse grabbed Ben by the arm & said, you will be here again delivering a healthy baby!! Who's to say what the future holds for us, but we sure are excited to see!!

Thank you again for your continued thoughts & prayers!!

Remember - everyday's a good day, some days are just better than others


Anonymous said...

I am so glad he had a good day. I loved OB and will be graduating from UAMS in May and am really hoping to find a spot on L&D or an OB clinic somewhere!

Julee Turner said...

In reply to your post--- Yes Romeo sheds ALOT! His coat is a double coated but his hair is pretty short so if I just brush him often its not that bad! He is still a great dog! Just always has to be leashed! I am wanting another Shiba so bad!