Sunday, March 21, 2010

roadtrip to Clarksville, TN

**for some reason the blog wont let me download anymore pictures right now, I'll try again later**

Friday morning we left for Carksville, TN to see & watch Wes play.. they played Friday night & had a double header Saturday. The weather was great, we were so thankful for that!! It's always great seeing uncle Wes, & the memories we make on the trips are priceless!! One of the coaches had told dad that Wes was going to start either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.. therefore, we didn't expect him to pitch this weekend. We are fine with that, we love baseball anyways & enjoy just seeing Wes. The third game they went through a number of pitchers.. they ended up warming Wes up for .2 seconds & put him in.. he did GREAT!! The coach made the comment after the game that he should've put him in earlier, we're so proud!! There was a little drama when Wes was pitching.. The umpires were terrible & had made a TERRIBLE call earlier in the game that they knew was not right. Then, the other teams coach tried to pull a fast one by letting a previous pitcher, who he pulled earlier in the game, bat.. our coach noticed what had happened & spoke with the umpire about it.. their coach literally ran out of the dug out & starting cussing... he knew he was in the wrong is the weirdest part?? They ended up sending the guy back to the dug out & calling him out.. (after much debating between the two not so smart umpires) As their coach walked back to the dug out he continued to cuss LOUD!! I was sitting on the opposite side of the field & could hear every syllable. Those of you that know me know I have trouble holding my tongue when I feel the urge to give my opinion :) Before I knew it, I yelled (loud), "watch your mouth, there are kids around" (Megan who is 3 was sitting in my lap)... I did not hear the coach say anything back to me, why would he right?? The next thing I see/hear is Wes charging from the mound towards their coach saying, "you do not talk to a lady or my sister like that!!" My heart rate immediately shot up, as did every ones in the stadium!! About that time Wes's coach is telling him to get back on the mound & Brad my brother in law is headed to their dug out.. he thought Amber had made the comment I did & was telling that coach (in a nice way I'm certain) to not talk to his wife like that... (even though it was me - ha) Brad & the coach had words & the teams were ready to rumble!! There were two outs @ this time & Wes proceeded to throw three strikes in a row to get the last batter out!! He had some major adrenaline going, he ran to the dug out & continued running around the right field line!! He needed to get that adrenaline out - haha Hannah & Amber were so confused this whole time because they were sitting off to the side under a tree... they had no idea what was being said!! The next thing we notice are two police women walking in the stadium, really??? Of course I would not of said anything if I knew what was going to transpire after my comment... the coach should of known better than cursing so loud & acting a fool & he for sure should of known better than to yell back at a fan.. you just don't do that!! I am not proud of what my comment produced but I am extremely proud of my brother & brother in law for standing up for me!! What's funny is I am not at all a confrontational person, whoops :)

I hope to get the rest of the pics up soon!!

Great job Wes & the Georgia State Panthers!!

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Laurie said...

That's a great Griswold story!!! Your mom said this am that there was a little issue & she was interested to see how you would tell it. You did a great job & I can totally visualize every bit!

Good job Sarah! "Clark, I don't know what to say, but I'm gunna get you somethin' real nice!"