Friday, March 5, 2010


Wes found out he was going to start the second game of a double header tomorrow in Atlanta. Mom & dad decided it would be fun to drive up & watch!! So I jumped on the bandwagon.. we're going to leave in a few hours. It takes 9 hours to get there.. I am soo excited, it's been forever since I've seen Wesley!!

Please pray for a safe trip & for Wes to do his best & be safe!!

I'll take a lot of pictures!!

I find it so uplifting to be around family, especially during this week!!

Thank you to each one who has said something to me in passing, left an encouraging comment, etc. It's amazing how many people remember that Weslee would be here next Tuesday if not before?? It seems so surreal @ times...

Oh how we love & miss our daughter!!

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