Saturday, January 30, 2010

cabin fever anyone??

I must admit that I have no pictures from the past couple snow/ice days...

Since they were predicting bad weather earlier in the week I arranged my surgery schedule @ work where we wouldn't have anything on Friday.. (just in case of course - ha) Ben unfortunately did have to work a 12 hr shift in NLR. I was praying it would either be bad enough he couldn't go or nothing @ all. Questioning whether it's safe or not stresses me out!! He ventured off to work Friday early with no problems... coming home @ 7 was a different story. I was a nervous wreck, as was he but he made it!! (there were a lot of prayers going up) I spent all day Friday @ my sisters w/ my mom and the fam... the girls were too funny playing outside!! (You'll have to go to Am's blog to see pics) Amber of course baked something sweet, we played outside, sat by the fire, cuddled with Charlie, ate (a lot) then started the process all over!! Hannah came over later that evening to participate in our madness. Her mom & sis weren't doing anything so they ended up coming over to!! We had an amazing time acting like girls & chatting. By the time we looked up it was 11:30.. we discussed a sleep over?!!

Avery is confused by the snow, she limps around like she's hurt!! She pretty much walks the parameter, does her business then run backs to the door.. which is fine with us because it's freezing outside!! I am ready for green grass, Razorback baseball, grilling out, planting flowers, swimming.... SPRING!!

As for Ben & I these days.... we're doing well, staying busy with work and school!! Ben is now a Junior in nursing school and will graduate in June, yay!! The past 7 months seem to have flown by since he started!! Of course he's @ the top of his class and making his family so proud!! As for my work.. we just moved into a new and much bigger office in the Baptist NLR Springhill hospital. It's super nice & I'm so proud!! Since I'm the only nurse I feel like it's my project to make it run efficiently. I take so much pride in what I do & the patients we have... from the obvious, cosmetic to our wounds we treat/close.

As Weslee's due date approaches we talk about the what ifs.. how big would I be?? (Ben thinks my belly would be huge) betting I would work up until the day I delivered... who would be in the delivery room.. who/what would she look like.... they're not sad conversations, they're honestly fun & proud moments we share!!

Thank you for your continued love & support!! 2010 has already had its ups and downs but we're looking forward to each day we have!!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Looks like you guys had a good time over at Amber's!

Emma and Company said...

We are getting ready to get hit again today. I am going to leave work early because I don't want to have to drive in rush hour traffic in the snow. I hope we are able to have our Superbowl party on Sunday(you know, it's priorities...haha) Have a good weekend!