Sunday, January 3, 2010

random memories

We've got to know Hannah & her family over the past few months.. we're blessed for that!! Hannah has become quite the puzzle master & plans to start nursing school next year which I am thrilled about!!

Megan & Hannahquinn (Megan always calls her by her whole name - one word) Laci, Hannah, & Charlie
Laci & Siba (Olivia) - on the side of my blog I've got Olivia's blog which is all of her art work, go check it out, it's very creative!!
While we were in the living room playing w/ Charlie we looked up @ the bar & noticed Megan's crack starring back @ us!!
Mom & Amber @ Mimi's, our staple lunch stop when we go shopping in LR!!
I am looking forward to 2010 and all the new memories it will bring!!

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Melissa's Thoughts said...

I found you by way of the francis family blog. My maiden name is Mizell, so I'm sure we are long lost cousins. LOL Loved your blog