Sunday, January 24, 2010


One of the many things my mom, sister, nieces, & I do together is shop... a lot of times we don't have anything particular we have to get we just enjoy going!! (don't talk to our husbands because they'll say otherwise) We went to Conway a few weekends ago (b/c they have a TJ Max & more).. The pictures w/ Megan & the naked ladies was @ Belk. Mom & I were looking @ something, apparently Meg was looking @ something else!! haha she is the funniest kid I've ever met, soo smart!! I wont post any of the comments she made about the naked lady!! Mom & I were laughing so hard we had to walk off, telling Meg to come with us... she decided to bring her new lady friend.. I'm still laughing!! The pictures of Laci are from Burger King today after church. They have these funnel cake sticks w/ icing, holy smokes they're just like the fair!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to lose some much needed weight so I just tasted them.. Laci ate almost all of them, leaving most of the icing on her chin!! Have I mentioned how much these two girls mean to me??

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