Sunday, January 24, 2010

It must be rough to be our dog!!

I've been meaning to post some new pictures of Avery for a while now... she's a year and a 1/2, 121 lbs as of a few months ago, & still growing!! It is true what they say about mastiffs, that they're gentle giants. She is the one person (dog) that sleeps more than I do, & that's a lot!! She is now a full time inside dog.. I'm pretty sure she always was, even though that was not our intention. She started off sleeping on a dog bed beside our bed but I insisted (when she was much smaller) that she sleep with us.. Ben told me then that we were creating a monster but I didn't listen... 121 lbs later she still sleeps right in between us!! (yes, we have a king bed) I told Ben the other day I wish there was a camera in our room so we could see how she moves around all night long.. she likes to cuddle, mostly with me @ night so Ben ends up getting pushed practically off the bed!! She loves Laci & Megan, they could do anything to her and she just sits there... You'll see in a few of the pictures Megan (playing w/ an iPhone of course) leaning on her, she does that often. You'll also see Ben w/ his study set up... that's how he & Avery are every night these days!! It's been such a blessing having her since our lives changed forever in October. The morning after we found out about Weslee's condition, I was up @ 5 (not sure if I went to sleep).. I got out of bed & went to the couch so Ben could get some rest... I proceeded to cry, talk to myself, talk to God, pick out a name for our daughter, & cry more. Avery came right up to me and just starred.... melted my heart!! She's more like a human than any other animal I've met. As much as I complain about her shedding & how skiddish she is around strangers, I wouldn't trade her for anything!! Here are some pictures of our girl.....

(we put the green blanket on the couch because that's where she stays 95% of the time, I wash it at least once a week)

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Emma and Company said...

I have to tell you, we had a French Mastiff for 7 years and I have completely fallen in love with the whole Mastiff breed. Our dog Beau was the epitome of "Gentle Giant". He was so good with Emma for the short time that was left of his life. We are definately going to get another one in the near future. Your dog reminds me so much of Beau just by her actions. The sleeping on the bed...oh my, I just smile when I think of that--plus add in the loud snoring! :) I completely understand what you mean when you say she is like a human-that's how Beau was to me. Dogs are such a blessing-I am so glad you had Avery with you to help with your pain.

I have a post dedicated to my Beau in my blog, feel free to check it out!