Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wes is off to Atlanta

Tomorrow, my brother Wesley is headed back to Atlanta to start his 2010 baseball season. Although we hate to see him go, we are excited for him & the many possibilities he has coming his way!! We are already planning many road trips to see him & shop!! Tonight we all went over to my sister's, made chili, watched the Texas/Alabama game, & enjoyed the fellowship.

Here is Laci & Megan "wrestling" as Megan calls it Wes & Hannah
Charlie trying to stay out of the line of fire
Laci & Nonny w/ Laci's gingerbread book & picture she made to match
Charlie & I by the fire, where I stay the majority of the time!!
Nonny & Charlie
Megan wearing Auntie's hat & Laci's High School Musical jacket
As soon as Hannah walked in the door Laci had her write down her name & phone number in her diary we got her for Christmas. Little does Hannah know, Laci will memorize it & call her when she swipes her moms phone!!
Poppy & big bird
Ben & his nieces
Poppy & little bird
Meg & Benny
a girl after her auntie's heart!! We both love our sonic cokes w/ crushed ice!!
Laci & Nonny preparing chili, Laci loves to help out in the kitchen!!
Amber & I in our hats... Amber's showing off her new gloves too!! She likes them because she can stay warm & still answer her iPhone @ the same time...
Ben - Megan - Wes - Hannah - Laci
Uncle Wes, Auntie, & Meg fred
Wes suggested Megan throw a chair on Laci when they were "wrestling" She took him seriously!!
Wes & Hannah
I absolutely love being a middle child & having an older sister & younger brother!! We are all best friends & I wouldn't have it any other way...
Good luck uncle Wes, we can't wait to come see you soon!!


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Trumbo Family said...

Oh fun times. BTW...tell your sister that shirt is 11 years old! I wore it yesterday!